The Head Coach Will receive a 100% confidential TEAM LEADERSHIP REPORT that will provide the following information:
1. TOP 5 Task, Social, External and Toxic leaders reported separately by class (freshman—senior). Insight of perceptions by class…who do the freshmen vies as leaders vs. upperclassmen

2. Top 5 leaders overall (entire team composite). Those who should likely be TEAM CAPTAINS – see how well aligned this is with what you and the staff perceive.

3 . TOP 5 Task, Social, External and Toxic leaders in each class. Insight on your future leaders and how your seniors or captains are perceived.

4. The number of different players (reported by the seniors and the rest of the team combined) perceived as Task, Social, External and Toxic leaders. Is team leadership centralized or de-centralized.

5. The number and percentage of players (reported by each class) listed as providing Task, Social, External or Toxic leadership to at least 1 other teammate.

6. A composite summary providing comprehensive data on the extent to which leadership is shared and distributed within your team. Vertical top down leadership from a few players, or laterally dispersed leadership from a variety of players.

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