Workbook Introduction

The workbook includes worksheets associated with the C.L.A.S.S. Leadership Actualization Program Coaches Manual.
“ Understand that as an athlete, you are already a Leader whether you know it or not. Your coach, principal and community members are counting on you to learn about leadership, develop your own personal leadership style and become a strong leader for life. The C.L.A.S.S. Leadership Actualization Program will challenge you and require your full commitment. When in a Leadership role…LEAD! This workbook will show you how!”

Contents of the student workbook
Activity Pages correlated to instructional lessons
Leadership Log Forms
Calendar Pages
Time Budget Sheets

The student workbook is designed to be used as an accompanying resource to the C.L.A.S.S. Coaches Manual. The workbook is a necessary student journal including materials to help guide each student’s comprehension of the information covered in each chapter. The workbooks should be carefully checked and maintained by each student and will develop into a valuable personal lifelong resource.

With the C.L.A.S.S. Leadership Actualization Program and complimentary Student Workbooks, students and coaches alike will foster significant personal and program development and growth in the critical area of leadership.
In addition to containing all of the Activity pages correlated to the lessons in the curriculum manual, supplemental pages include a calendar for semester or annual planning, and the Leadership Log forms.

Activity Pages
The Curriculum is organized into 14 Chapters each related to a unique aspect of leadership. Students are asked to share thoughts and insight into a variety of topics that will assist in the development of their leadership ability. Below is provided an outline of topics and Activities included in the Workbook.

Leadership Log Forms

The Leadership Log forms provide an on-going journal of learning points, leadership analysis and individual attention to personal goals. Regardless of the time between lessons, students will fill out a Log sheet after each lesson for reference and review on a constant basis.

Calendar Pages & Time Budget Sheets

Personal organization is a leadership trait consistently identifies as a predictor for effective leaders. Both the calendar pages and the time budget sheets should be used as necessary to establish a consistent method of organization and planning.


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