C.L.A.S.S. Leadership Actualization Program

Curriculum for Leadership in Athletics, Service and Self

The C.L.A.S.S. Leadership Actualization Program (C.L.A.S.S. LAP) includes two primary resources: The Coach Manual and the (Student) Workbook, and is designed as a tool for teaching leadership principles to student leaders and athletes. Successful team leadership systems require that more than a few team members are leaders. This creates the need for thorough and complete leadership instruction lesson plans easy for a coach or administrator to use.

The C.L.A.S.S. LAP may be used:

1. In part or whole, to initiate a system for developing Individual/ Team Leadership
2. As a supplemental resource to enhance a currently used leadership program
3. As a semester or year length leadership training guide

The Program is a well structured, pragmatic, user friendly guide purposefully organized to teach students how to lead with minor facilitation by a teacher or coach. The Program covers leadership from general self-leadership principles of character and self-leadership to aspects of team/organizational leadership dynamics and decision making. Each section includes clear instructions for the facilitator and provides activity and lesson plan options for the coach to incorporate as desired.

The Program is designed to be easily adapted and modified to enable the coach or administrator to address timely leadership issue needs specific to his/her team whether in season or out of season.

The LDC can be integrated into the annual plan of your program. Team leadership is just as important as the X’s and O’s, and using a system of leadership development will provide lasting lessons in leadership to your students/ athletes. Whether used as an off season curriculum, or a guide for a weekend team leadership retreat, the C.L.A.S.S. LAP provides the team facilitator with a game plan and method of intentional focus on leadership development.

“Two-Minute Drill” Plan
While each one of the lessons is critical to leadership development and can allow for an in-depth study of leadership, the “Two-minute drill” plan is designed for condensed teaching in a short amount of time. Selected lessons in each of the chapters include a clock at the top of the page indicating a “two-minute drill” lesson. In essence, if you had to take only a few lessons out of each chapter, the two minute drill lessons are the best choice.

Each major leadership topic is given its own chapter in the curriculum. It will become apparent that many major topics and themes will overlap one another through the guide which highlighting their significance to leadership development. The major topics are segmented into lessons to be used to guide learning, discussion and individual leadership development. Most lessons are accompanied by a related Activity to stimulate thought and enhance the learning of the topic.

A careful choice of lessons and activities within each chapter is advised, enabling an applicable selection of topics related to program goals and objectives. Whether using all of the lessons, keeping the manual as a close and timely resource, or using targeted lessons to help coach players in critical teaching moments, you will find the curriculum to be a valuable and trusted resource.

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